Weddings by MacGregor and MacDuff – Sea of Love

What was your favourite part of wedding planning?

Either kilt fitting with the guys or cake tasting with my wife. Both were great for different reasons, but getting the kilts sorted was a good day, and we had such a laugh! However, cake tasting was brilliant, and lucky we tried it first – we didn’t get a look in on the day!

Can you talk us through your outfit?

I went for the Arran Navy kilt, as the MacArthur clan is a bit luminous green and gross. So this one was much nicer, and actually suited the venue too, which I hadn’t thought about at the time. It just went really well! The lads all had a light bovine sporran and their own black brogues, and I had a plain khaki pigskin sporran, and tan brogues. Made our own little twist on it, and only two of us had worn a kilt before!

What was your first dance?
‘Sea of Love’ by Cat Power. I think we both laughed all the way through it, and all the parents cried.

Where did you get married and why did you choose that venue?
Ashdown Park. Its such a beautiful venue, we had the old chapel, as we didn’t want a church, but felt this was such a beautiful room, really grand and Gothic, but colourful. I think we just knew when we walked in, and the grounds outside were excellent. Luckily, we got the only day of sun that weekend!

Why did you choose a kilt outfit over a traditional suit?

We’ve been to quite a few weddings over the last 12-18 months, and I thought with my Dad being Scottish, it was a chance to buck the trend of a suit, as I’d seen similar suits at quite a few others. Plus, they all wear a suit better than me, so the kilt I knew I could pull off! It must be the knees…

Were there any surprises on the day? (Good or bad!)
I think we planned so meticulously, that no surprises on the day, and we were glad of it! It was a great day, I wasn’t prepared for how quick it would go though (the day and the cake)

Were any of the groomsmen or other party members in kilts?
My cousins partner from Scotland rented a kilt, and my ushers and best men all went for the same kilt as me, as there was 8 of us in total

What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?
Do what you want to do. EVERYONE will have advice and their idea of what it should be, but just do what you want to do. On the day, everyone will be so happy, that any prior disagreements will go out the window. Also, make a spreadsheet for your budget – follow it meticulously (I love a spreadsheet)!

Would you come back to MacGregor and MacDuff?
Absolutely! I rented the guys’ kilts, and bought mine, but I’d definitely come back for sure. I’ve even recommended you to other people already. The kilts were a big hit on the day.

Did you incorporate tartan into any other part of your wedding?
No, as I had three best men and three ushers, I think we managed to cover enough of the place up without taking over – it was a nice mix of us and everyone else in their wedding attire