Weddings by MacGregor and MacDuff – Christmas in Caledonia

Groom and his Groomsmen on wedding day wearing their Arran Navy Tweed outfits with Hunting MacGregor tartan kilts.

What was your favourite part of wedding planning?

I was in charge of the honeymoon. It was great fun looking at all the exciting things we’d do and see on our honeymoon. We wanted an experience we would remember rather than another traditional beach holiday.

Can you talk us through your outfit?

I had a red Hunting Macgregor tartan kilt. I combined this with the navy jacket rather than the grey on the mannequin. I think the navy complimented the red well. I also went for the plaid as the groom to differentiate myself from the rest of the wedding party.

What was your first dance?

I’d use the word dance fairly loosely when talking about me but I shuffled to Caledonia. It was a traditional Scottish song and suited the look, feel and time of year very well.

Where did you get married and why did you choose that venue?

We got married at the Brig O’Doon in Alloway, Ayrshire. It’s a very traditional venue with loads of charm about it. It looks fantastic all year round as the gardens are immaculate. The massive Christmas tree in the bay window of the main hall sealed the deal. Christmas time is a great time to get married as lots of people are already off or home for the festive season so it was brilliant to get married when everyone is up for a party!

Why did you choose a kilt outfit over a traditional suit?

The kilt is timeless. I went for a traditional kilt and for a fairly modern jacket. I think you’ll look back at our photos years down the line and think that outfit still looks good. I was also keen to get a bit of colour in my kilt as so many kilts appear to be grey or black. Having dark features myself I feel this dulls everything down. Being Christmas time, the red Hunting Macgregor kilt seemed appropriate and the photos are amazing and match in with the bridesmaids well.

What is your fondest memory of the day?

Difficult one. I’d say my favourite part of the day was just after the ceremony. The mix of emotions from excitement, relief, and euphoria was an unreal feeling. Fondest memory is a tricky one as there are so many good times from the day. I enjoyed it all. I think looking out from the raised top table and seeing all the guests having a great time laughing and joking with each other made me feel really happy. That and seeing Lynsey have a ball on the dance floor all night.

The wedding party stood outside the Brig O' Doon Hotel with gents in kilts and bridesmaids in red dresses

Were any of the groomsmen or other party members in kilts?

Yes they were all in the same tartan as myself. The only difference was I had the kilt plaid on. None of them were as handsome as me either; apart from my 4 year old nephew Aiden who was the cutest guy ever in his wee kilt.

What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding?

Keep your future wife away from Pinterest! I think people could get carried away on things that don’t really matter at the end of the day. In saying that, Lynsey had lots of great little details that I wouldn’t even have considered. Also don’t sweat the dreaded guest list, people understand and anyone that’s been through a wedding knows it isn’t an easy thing to agree. Of course you want everyone there but sometimes that’s just not practical.

Would you come back to MacGregor and MacDuff?

Yes absolutely. They have a classy collection of kilts that are quite traditional but with modern features. Having hired kilts from various shops previously, the excellent quality of the kilts was apparent.

Groom wearing his Arran Navy Tweed Outfit with Hunting MacGregor tartan kilt with matching plaid

Did you incorporate tartan into any other part of your wedding?

No we didn’t have the tartan specifically but the colours from the kilt tied in with everything down to the thank you cards.

What is your favourite aspect of wearing a kilt?

I love the heritage behind wearing a kilt. We had guests from far and wide at our wedding so it’s great to show that heritage. Plus a suit or the likes makes me think I’m at my work. It feels like a special occasion when you put on a kilt. They are also very comfortable to wear and afford you a little freedom in certain areas!

Have you been on your honeymoon or do you have one planned?

Yes, we left two days after the wedding to go to Thailand. It was an amazing experience, from Hogmanay in Bangkok, to the temples in Chaing Mai, to the beach in Kho Lak. It really was fantastic. I would recommend going away straight after the wedding if it’s possible as it makes the whole occasion last that bit longer.

Bride and Groom on wedding day in scenic gardens

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