Introducing the MacGregor and MacDuff Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection

Introducing a unique kilt experience from MacGregor and MacDuff – The Heritage Collection.

Here at MacGregor and MacDuff, we take great pride in the heritage of the kilts and highlandwear we sell. The history of the kilt is fascinating and even the original kilt is still very integral to the design of the kilt we know today. We’re always looking for ways to not only innovate and create inspired new kilt outfits but to also honour the heritage of the kilt styles and clans that came before us.

With the Heritage Collection, we’d like to do that with you. Tell us your clan heritage and we’ll provide a clan tartan kilt and accompanying clan crest accessories including kilt pin, sgian dubh, cufflinks and sporran.

If you want to learn more about other clans, and about Scotland’s history, we’re releasing a mini podcast series next month on clan stories. From ghost stories to royal betrayals, we’ll be bringing you the clan histories that you may not have heard yet!

Shop the MacGregor and MacDuff Heritage Collection today, available from £949.