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Tartan Finder - Display and Select your Clan Tartans



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What tartan can I wear?

For many this is the hardest part of buying a Kilt. There is such a huge selection available! It is totally acceptable to wear any tartan you wish these days, however it is also nice to have a story behind your choice so you can regale any interested parties with your celtic connections.

We suggest you ask yourself the following questions in order to narrow down your choices...

  • Are there any Clan Tartans that I am linked to on either my mother or fathers side?

  • Is there a regional tartan from an area I am affiliated with that I like the look of? Irish Tartans are always linked to a County, so for example if you are from an Irish family you should find out what county your family was originally from.

  • Are there any neutral tartans that catch your eye? There is a wide selection of neutral tartans available nowadays and it is always acceptable for anyone to wear these. Many of the designs have an interesting back story to them if you look hard enough. Flower of Scotland or Scotland Forever are fine examples of Neutral Tartans.

  • Are you purchasing your Kilt for your wedding? Does it go with the brides pre-approved colour palette? Make sure it doesn't clash!

Our Clan Tartan Finder will allow you to see a sample image of almost all of the tartans we offer and will be useful when making your choice. If you would like to purchase an actual sample of the material then feel free to then click here or visit one of our shops where we have tartan sample books for you to look through.

If you can't find the tartan you are looking for then please contact us at: [email protected]