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Tartan Design Service | MacGregor and MacDuff

Design Your Very Own Tartan!

MacGregor and MacDuff are proud to offer a premium tartan design service to our customers.

Working alongside our in-house tartan designer you will be able to design your very own tartan, which will be officially registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority.

Together you will be able to create an exclusive design; inspired by your workplace, organisation or family.

What to Expect when Designing your own Tartan

You will work closely with our in-house tartan designer, and follow these four stages to create your very own exclusive tartan.

Colours and Mood Board

The process will begin by deciding on the colours that will make up the tartan. These can be based on your logo, brand or inspirational colour schemes. A mood board will be presented to you, showcasing different colours that relate to what you are looking for. You will then decide on your preferred colour palette.

Tartan Designs

We will create up to 5 tartan examples, using computer aided design (CAD) software. This software creates precise drawings; using accurate colours to form the sett pattern of your very own tartan. Woollen colour samples will also be presented to you, allowing you to see the exact colours within the tartan. You will review each CAD drawing with our tartan designer, selecting which is your favourite and make any amendments to the sett pattern or colours used at this time. Once decided on the final design, you will be sent a sign off sheet to complete; confirming that you are happy with the sett pattern and yarn colours before it is woven.

Ordering and Registration

Our tartan designer will be able to advise you on how much cloth to order depending on what you are looking to get made from it. We can provide you with a full list of products available to make in your own tartan, all handmade to the highest of quality in Scotland. You will choose the name of the tartan, and we will officially register it with the Scottish Tartan Authority. This means that the tartan cannot be sold or woven without your permission. You will be presented with a framed certificate of registration when you receive your cloth.

Designing an Exclusive Tartan with MacGregor and MacDuff

The full process of designing your own tartan, from initial design to weaving, takes a minimum of 8 weeks.

For any tartan items made after the initial weaving, please allow for additional production time when placing your order.

If you are interested in designing your own tartan, or if you require any more information please contact: [email protected]