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Made to Measure Oban Mist Kilt

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The Oban Mist tartan is a beautifully minimalistic and contemporary design, exclusive to MacGregor and MacDuff.

With a vision of celebrating the Oban seaside and the surrounding nature encompassing the small Scottish town, the Oban Mist captures the colours within the beautiful seascapes. With grey hues as the basis of the tartan, elevated by sea blues, and rustic browns; this tartan is the perfect representation of the idyllic seaside town of Oban.

The bespoke Oban Mist kilt is made-to-measure from 100% worsted wool.

There are 3 ways that you can get your kilt made: 7 or 8-yard machine-made kilt or a fully handmade 8-yard kilt.

A traditional kilt is 8 yards, so a 7-yard kilt is a slightly lighter alternative. This could be an ideal option if you are looking for a casual kilt. This kilt is machine stitched, with some features finished by hand. There sizing straps and 2 belt loops at the back of the kilt. A 7-yard kilt cannot be altered in the future, but they do come with adjustable straps where you will have some movement to tighten and loosen off the waist.

Upgrade to an 8-Yard Kilt.

This kilt is machine stitched, with some features finished by hand. There are 3 sizing straps: 2 around the waist, and 1 around the hips for better shaping round the body - adding to the ‘swing’ of the pleats. There are two belt loops at the back of the kilt.

Upgrade to a Fully Handmade Kilt.

We have the option to get your kilt fully handmade, meaning that every stitch is completely hand done. A handmade kilt is a lifetime investment, which can be passed down to future generations. This type of kilt can be completely re-made to fit a new waist measurement, up to 8” difference either way. All of the stitches can be unpicked back to the 8 yards of material and then remade to a new size.

Condition: new

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(Excl. VAT): £316.67 Incl. VAT: £380.00
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