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Replica Thistle Sgian Dubh

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The Replica Thistle Sgian Dubh is simple in design and comes in both a chrome or antique finish.

The sgian dubh is solid black, with a thistle design handle and plain top.

This sgian dubh has no blade and is completely plastic.

Sgian dubhs should be worn in the top of the right or left sock; dependent on which is your dominant hand.

A sgian dubh was of great importance for Scottish Highlanders and translates from Gaelic to 'black blade'.

The sgian dubh would have been used for protection, hunting and cutting materials; today it is more of a decoration, and a key part of any Highlandwear outfit.

Condition: new

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(Excl. VAT): £11.25 Incl. VAT: £13.50
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