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MacGregor and MacDuff Exclusive Mist Collection

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MacGregor & MacDuff Exclusive Mist Collection

At MacGregor and MacDuff, we are dedicated to innovation and that's why we have designed and created our very own exclusive tartans - the Mist Range!

Our five modern tartans; Silver Mist, Lomond Mist, Oban Mist, Arran Mist and Islay Mist, have proven to be a very popular choice as part of our kilt hire range, as made-to-measure kilts, and in a range of beautiful tartan accessories. Find out more about the inspiration behind our Mist designs.

Silver Mist

Our Silver Mist tartan was the first of our bespoke tartans and was designed and created in 2009. The enigmatic mists and dramatic scenery found across the serene Scottish shorelines inspired our elegant Silver Mist tartan. This tartan has proven to be a favourite of our customers since it tapped into the growing trend for modern grey kilts.

Lomond Mist

Lomond Mist was our second exclusive tartan and was released in 2011. This beautiful tartan was inspired by the tranquil mists and pink purslane flowers that decorate the famous shores of Loch Lomond; just a stone’s throw away from our Glasgow stores!

Our Lomond Mist tartan is grey with subtle pink, white and brown detailing running through the fabric.

Oban Mist

We released our Oban Mist tartan in 2014 with the vision of celebrating the Oban seaside and the surrounding nature encompassing the small Scottish town. Dunstaffnage Castle, towering over the idyllic seaside town of Oban, is encompassed with stunning grey shadows and hues which provided the inspiration for our Oban Mist tartan.

Our Oban Mist is expertly woven with earthy shades of grey and brown as well as hints of blue running beautifully throughout the fabric.

Arran Mist

Arran Mist was released in 2016, when we launched it as our fourth exclusive tartan. The MacGregor and MacDuff Arran Mist tartan takes its inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and surrounding waters of the Isle of Arran. Famously dubbed “Scotland in Miniature”, the iconic Isle of Arran is home to some of Scotland’s most stunning seascapes and it was the shades of landscape which inspired the unique pattern in our Arran Mist tartan.

Islay Mist

Brand new in January 2019, our fifth and newest exclusive tartan, Islay Mist, is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and sunsets from one of Scotland's most iconic Hebridean Islands. Our most versatile tartan yet and expertly woven with ocean shades of grey and blue, deep purples and a line of rosewater, Islay Mist can be styled with all our premium and hire jackets, making it suitable for any occasion.