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How to buy a kilt online

What do you need to measure for a kilt?

When measuring for a kilt outfit, it's important to be as precise as possible. Especially when ordering online. When providing kilt measurements, please give your:

  • Height
  • Waist at its widest point
  • Seat

How do I choose my tartan?

Do you want your tartan to complement a certain colour scheme for your wedding?

Many Scottish families have their own tartans or their surname relates to a clan. With the MacGregor and MacDuff Tartan Finder, you can view your family tartan!

If you have Irish heritage, you may choose an Irish County Tartan.

At MacGregor and MacDuff, we believe that tartans should be available to everybody. If you don't have direct heritage connected to a tartan or would prefer to wear a tartan that complements your wedding colour scheme, view our collection in the Tartan Finder or for those looking to hire, choose from our Kilt Hire Range.

The ordering process

  • View the Kilt Shop page to view the MacGregor and MacDuff range
  • Once you've chosen a kilt outfit, enter your measurements online
  • Place your order! MacGregor and MacDuff customers have the choice of having kilts delivered directly to them or, alternatively, kilts can be picked up in-store

Please note: once you have entered your kilt measurements, one of our expert members of staff will review your measurements and double-check that they are correct. If we are concerned, we'll get in touch to review your measurements.