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16th Century

The first incarnation of the kilt was an untailored, enormous piece of fabric called a “feileadh mhór” (big wrap!) and it covered the entire body.

17th Century

The big wrap was eventually halved and became the kilt as we know it today. Originally worn by soldiers and highlanders!


In August 1747, following the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 1745 rebellion, the British Government banned the wearing of kilts. This was an attempt to suppress highland identity and came hand-in-hand with the banning of bagpipes which were seen as instruments of war.


The ban was lifted and the once exclusively “highland dress” was now worn and considered everyday wear for both highlanders and lowlanders.


The kilt was formally introduced as a piece of national identity and respected by monarchs following King George IV choosing to wear one!


Although the kilt has seen many changes over the course of history, and faced a lot of issues, it is now an iconic piece of Scottish heritage and is celebrated formal wear.