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1979 - Where It All Began

The MacGregor and MacDuff story started in 1979. Back then, our stores were in Glasgow City Centre, Prestwick, Kirkcaldy and St Andrews. These were owned by Mr MacGregor and an American businessman called Mr Scollin.

2003 - A New Chapter

24 years later in 2003, the MacGregor and MacDuff name, as well as the Bath Street and Prestwick stores, were bought over by three ambitious brothers David, Gerald and Dominic Capaldi.

2004 - MacGregor and MacDuff Go Digital!

In 2004, the Capaldi's hit their first milestone - the first ever MacGregor and MacDuff website was launched! Initially created with the intention to serve as a "virtual shop front", the MacGregor an MacDuff website went on to become an e-commerce channel.

2005 - International Sales!

Three years later in 2005, MacGregor and MacDuff went global! Our first international sale was a Prince Charlie kilt jacket to a customer in America. This was the first of many international sales and we're now proud to be worldwide kilt sellers with customers coming from as far as New Zealand.

2006 - West End Store

As part of our ongoing expansions, we opened a store in Glasgow's West End to reach our suburban customers. The opening of our West End store also provided us with opportunity to sell more Highlandwear accessories in-store.

2007 - Ex-Hire Store

In 2007, we opened our Ex-Hire store on Dumbarton Road. Our ex-hire kilt shop provides customers with the opportunity to experience MacGregor and MacDuff quality kilts and Highlandwear at a fraction of the price.

2008 - Bespoke Sales Room

Seeking to provide more than just a standard kilt fitting experience, we opened our bespoke sales room above our Bath Street store. The sales room offers more fitting rooms and authentic Made in Scotland kilt accessories.

2009 - Brand New Tartan

In 2009, we released the very first MacGregor and MacDuff exclusive tartan, “Silver Mist”. Inspired by Scottish mists and the growing trend for modern, grey kilts, Silver Mist has continued to be a favourite with our customers.

2011 - Lomond Mist

Following the success of our Silver Mist tartan, we released our second exclusive tartan, “Lomond Mist”. Inspired by the nature surrounding Loch Lomond, our Lomond Mist tartan was released in 2011.

2013 - VOWS Awards

In 2013, we won our first ever prestigious VOWS award for “Best Groomswear”! The VOWs recognise excellent customer service standards within the Scottish wedding industry.

2014 - Oban Mist Released

Inspired by the stunning Oban seaside and the surrounding nature encompassing the small Scottish town, the MacGregor and MacDuff Oban Mist tartan was released in 2014.

2015 - London Expansion

After recognising a gap in the London market for authentic, high-quality Made in Scotland kilts and highlandwear, we opened our fortnightly London kilt shop in 2015.

2016 - Arran Mist

In 2016, we launched our fourth exclusive tartan - the Arran Mist. Arran Mist is inspired by the landscapes and surrounding waters of the Isle of Arran.