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Was Robert Burns the first Scottish Rockstar?

The rockstars we know today play electric guitar, jump off-stage and even have some furniture-wrecking antics in hotels but where did it all start? Elvis? The Beatles? Well, we believe it was actually Robert Burns. 

Known for his poetry, most notably Auld Lang Syne, Burns is one of the world’s most famous poets and was in fact voted Greatest Scot of All Time by STV viewers in 2009. However, here at MacGregor and MacDuff, we want to put forward the argument that Burns wasn’t just a poet but in fact, the world’s first rockstar.

Robert Burns - Rockstar

  1. One of Scotland’s biggest musicians, Rod Stewart has fathered 8 children by 5 women but it’s said that Robert Burns fathered at least 13 children to four different women…!
  2. Burns’s legacy lives on to this day in movies, literature and music. One of the most influential artists of our time, Bob Dylan cites Burns’s A Red, Red Rose as his main inspiration when writing lyrics
  3. Not only this but Tam O’Shanter  went on to inspire Thriller by Michael Jackson!
  4. Burns was rebellious to the core and long before Motley Crue were donning long hair, Robert Burns grew his hair long, into a ponytail in fact, to spite his father who hated the look!
  5. Like a true artist, Robert Burns didn’t have any money to speak of. In fact, when he died at the young age of 37, he only had £1 to his name

So, what do you think? Do you believe he was Scotland’s first rockstar?