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  • Argyll Jacket & Waistcoat Outfit Argyll Jacket & Waistcoat Outfit
  • Argyll 5 Button Waistcoat Argyll 5 Button Waistcoat
  • Gauntlet Cuff Gauntlet Cuff
  • Plain Cloth Epaulette Plain Cloth Epaulette
  • Kilt Hose Kilt Hose
  • Ghillie Brogues Ghillie Brogues
  • Black Semi-Dress Sporran in Chrome Black Semi-Dress Sporran in Chrome
  • Replica Chrome Thistle Sgian Dubh Replica Chrome Thistle Sgian Dubh
  • Thistle Sword Kilt Pin in Chrome Thistle Sword Kilt Pin in Chrome
  • Made to Order Tartan Flashes Made to Order Tartan Flashes

Argyll Package

Quick Overview

Choose your Tartan from the dropdowns below. To view a larger image of your Tartan, (opens new page) use our Tartan Finder.

Some tartans do have additional charges due to their cloth costing more to produce. The 13oz mediumweight cloth is seen as a higher quality weave, made using thinner threads of wool. This takes longer for the mill to manufacture and therefore carries an extra cost.

If you are placing an order online, we will contact you to discuss the measurements and make sure your sizes are perfect. To measure yourself, here is our measurement guide.

The Argyll is a day wear jacket made with 13oz barrathea wool. This jacket is versatile and can be worn with a straight tie for casual events or a bow tie for formal events. The 5 button waistcoat also gives the option to wear a ruche/cravat tie.

The high quality imported jacket is designed with a few distinctive features such as:

  • Plain cloth epaulettes.

  • Chrome buttons.

  • Gauntlet cuffs.

  • Single button front.

The kilt, which is made in Scotland, is made from 100% worsted wool. It is made with:

  • A full 8 yards of heavyweight* material, being fully hand-stitched except for the pleating, which is machine stitched. 

  • 3 sizing straps, 2 around the waist and 1 around the hips for better shaping round the body which adds to the 'swing' of the pleats.

  • 2 belt loops at the back of the kilt and 2 hanging loops.

Also included in this package are:

  • Durable leather brogues with long laces

  • Kilt hose

  • Tartan flashes

  • Replica sgian dubh.

  • Kilt pin.

  • Black semi-dress sporran.

Upgrade to a Fully Handmade Kilt.

Our fully handmade kilts can be 're-made' in the future which means the kilt can stay in your family for generations. 'Re-making' allows us to open the kilt back up into 8 yards of material and completely re-size it to fit another set of measurements. An extremely worthwhile investment.

Upgrade to a Made in Scotland Jacket.

We are now offering the fantastic option of purchasing an Argyll jacket and waistcoat that is Made in Scotland. The features of the jacket and waistcoat match the features of a traditional Argyll jacket and waistcoat as above, however the jacket and waistcoat have been made from start to finish in Scotland.

Unsure which tartan to go for? Order a Tartan Sample

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(Excl. VAT): £582.50 Incl. VAT: £699.00


  • Jacket & Waistcost (15oz Barrathea Wool)
  • 8 Yard Heavyweight Kilt, Made to Measure, (100% Worsted Wool)
  • Kilt Has Fully Adjustable Waist
  • 25 Years Quality Guarantee
  • Black Semi-Dress Sporran & Chain Strap
  • Sword Kilt Pin
  • Dress Sgian Dubh (Replica)
  • Tartan Flashes
  • Kilt Hose
  • Leather Ghillie Brogues
  • UK Delivery £15
  • International Delivery From £24

Kilt Outfit Measurements Videos

  1. Top Class review by Keith B on 02/02/2015

    I fell in love with this outfit when I first saw it online. Hunting MacGregor tartan with the burgundy tie. I have worn it twice so far and both times I have been the centre of attention (it helps being in New York). Thank you again MacGregor and MacDuff. A very happy customer.

  2. Something different review by Stuart V on 28/12/2014

    For years I have worn the traditional prince charlie outfit and I did me well for most events, weddings, dinners and the like, but I wanted something different and this Argyll jacket caught my eye and I am glad it did. I can still wear this to weddings but its slightly more casual, which is what I notice people are wearing these days. So delighted all round.

  3. Quality review by Nick on 23/10/2014

    Thanks again for the quick turnaround. Very happy with purchase.

Waist Take a firm (not tight) measurement at the navel. This is normally 2 inches higher than your hip bone.

Chest Size Take a loose measurement under the arms and over the shoulder blades.

Height The most important measurement! Ensure this is correct.

Kilt Length Measure from the top of the hip bone to the middle of the knee cap. You will need someone to help you take this measurement.

Sett Pattern - This is the most common way to have your kilt made. This is where the tartan on the front mirrors the tartan on the back.
Line Pattern - This is more of a military style where if there is a prominent line in the tartan this is seen down every pleat on the back of the kilt.
Flashes Flashes are worn around the outside of the leg and should be worn so the garter of the flashes is hidden under fold of the sock. Garters are included with all flashes.
Sporran The sporrans are made from natural materials. Colours may vary.

Made in Scotland The jacket and vest are made in Scotland from start to finish. The cloth is woven in Scotland and the garments are also manufactured in Scotland.
Chest Take a loose measurement under the arms and over the shoulder blades