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How do I wear my Kilt?

Please have a look at our 'How To Wear A Kilt' section.

What type of outfit should I wear?

Our Prince Charlie Outfit is a great traditional outfit for formal events such as weddings. The Argyll and Glen Orchy Outfits are more modern and perfect for black tie events but also popular at weddings. The Ghillie Shirt Outfit is more casual but commonly worn by gents getting married in hot climates as it is much cooler than a jacket and waistcoat.

How do I measure myself for a kilt?

Please have a look at our 'Kilt Measurement' section.

How do I clean my kilt?

If your kilt just needs a freshen up then using a fabric freshener spray along with a steam with the iron will suffice. If there are any stains on the kilt then dry cleaning would be the best option. Kilts should not be put in the washing machine.

What is a plaid?

A plaid is a length of tartan cloth (the same tartan as your kilt) and normally worn over the left shoulder. The plaid is attached with safety pins which are hidden and a plaid brooch is then pinned on for decoration. The plaid reflects the original style of the kilt which was one long piece of material that wrapped around the body and over the shoulder.

If I have a query or complaint who should I contact?

Send us an email at info@macgregorandmacduff.co.uk, or visit the Contact us page


Do you offer finance deals?

Yes we do! We offer a 12 month interest free credit arrangement for in store purchases. You can pay a deposit, leave your credit details with us and take your outfit away once it is ready. We will take monthly payments from you until it is all paid up.

Do you offer made to measure Jackets?

Yes we do! For each of our Jacket styles we offer a 'Tailor Made' option. We also offer a Bespoke Jacket service where you can design your own jacket Click here to find out more

What material are kilts made from?

Our kilts use 100% worsted wool and come in 13oz (mediumweight) or 16oz (heavyweight) depending on the tartan selected.

What’s the difference between Medium (13oz) and Heavy (16oz) Kilts?

Thicker wool is used to weave the 16oz kilt, therefore making it slightly heavier (and warmer). The 13oz kilt uses a thinner wool, thus giving it a slighly finer appearance. To use modern terms you could possibly describe it as an HD kilt. Both kilts sit equally well. some might say that the pleats are slightly 'crisper' on the 13oz kilt but this is a matter or opinion.

How long does it take to make a Kilt?

We generally advise customers to allow for an 8 week making time, this is due to the large number of Kilts that are waiting to be made. They can on some occasions be turned around very quickly, and on other occasions we may need to wait until a specific tartan is available in stock.

What is the delivery time for my order?

Delivery for items which are not made-to-measure is usually 3-5 working days within the UK and about 7-10 working days out with the UK. Made-to-measure items can take anything from 6-8 weeks for a kilt or a full outfit.

Can I return my item?

Returns are accepted up to 28 days after purchase providing the goods are unused and in the original packaging. We do not offer returns on made-to-measure items, however we may be able to provide small alterations.

What do your Kilt Packages consist of?

The Full Kilt Package includes; kilt, jacket and waistcoat, sporran and chaninstrap, socks, shoes, flashes, sgian dubh and kiltpin. It includes everything you need apart from a shirt and tie.

Can you carry out kilt alterations?

Yes, we have our own kiltmakers so we can offer two types of alteration depending on your needs. One option is to reposition the buckles of the kilt which costs around £20. The other option is to have the kilt fully re-made which costs around £240. The option available to you will depend on the type of kilt and the adjustment required. Not all kilts can be altered so we would need to have a look at the kilt to determine the best action.


What Tartans do you have available for hire?

Silver Mist, Lomond mist, Silver Thistle, Saltire, Highland Granite, Hebridean Heather, Dark Island, Scotland Forever, Spirit of Scotland, Blue Ramsey, Flower of Scotland, Modern Douglas, Red MacGregor, Hunting MacGregor, MacDonald of the Isles.

Which jackets do you have available for hire?

The Lomond Tweed, The Glen Orchy Tweed, The Glen Orchy Black, The Argyll (with or without a waistcoat), and the Prince Charlie (With 3 button vest or 5 button waistcoat).

What deposit do you require for a Kilt Hire?

When you book your kilt hire we will need a £20 deposit. You can just pay the balance when you collect it. However for wedding parties we ask that the balance be paid up 4 weeks in advance of the pick up date

Do I need to bring Identification?

Not identification as such, we do need you to leave your Credit Card information as a security measure. One card can cover multiple hires.

What do I do if I don’t have a Credit Card?

Someone else can leave their card information for you. You can pay our security deposit of £500 per outfit which will be returned to you when the outfit is returned.

How far in advance do I need to book?

For hires during the peak wedding season (May-August) we would advise 2-3 months in advance. The rest of the year we are not as busy and can accept hires closer to the dates they required. However the sooner you can let us know the better! We can even do last minute hires up to and including the day you need the kilt, but please be warned our selection will be somewhat limited and there will be an extra 'last minute fee' charged.

Can I book my hire online?

You certainly can! Click here to get started!