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MacGregor & MacDuff – Scottish Highland Wear Specialists

MacGregor and MacDuff began in 1979 on Bath Street Glasgow as a joint venture between Scottish Kiltmaker Mr. MacGregor and an enigmatic American businessman Mr.Scollin. Mr. MacGregor had long been making Kilts and Tartan accessories for the trade well before 1979 as one of Scotland’s most revered Kiltmakers. His attention to detail and exemplary people skills caught the attention of Mr.Scollin who with his Scottish wife was looking to start a new retail business in Glasgow after having some success previously with a similar retail store in Ayrshire.

The combination of Mr and Mrs Scollins hard work and dedication with Mr.MacGregor’s fine Kiltmaking skills allowed the business to grow throughout Scotland with the Bath Street store being joined by the opening of a new Store in Prestwick Ayrshire and further stores in Kirkcaldy and St.Andrews. Mr. MacGregor helped to train countless Kiltmakers in his time and we are lucky enough to still have some of those trainees with us today, still part of MacGregor and MacDuff and still making Kilts as Mr.MacGregor had trained them to do.

The deaths of both gentlemen over time brought a difficult period for Mrs.Scollin who by this time was residing on the east coast of Scotland. With great professionalism she continued to run all the stores until she felt she could no longer give the west coast stores the attention and care that they required. In 2002, the Prestwick and Bath Street Glasgow stores were sold as MacGregor and MacDuff and Mrs.Scollin kept her east coast stores.

MacGregor and MacDuff was now back to two stores as it had been many years previous and a new chapter had begun. The new and existing owners are three brothers David, Gerald and Dominic and since August 2002 they have grown the business once again by opening two stores in the west end of Glasgow and an extra store on Bath Street Glasgow. The brothers also brought the company back to its roots and opened their manufacturing unit on the south side of Glasgow where to this day the Kiltmaking skills taught by Mr. MacGregor are still being used coupled with a new Tailoring department which allows MacGregor and MacDuff to bespoke Kilts and Jackets to our customers’ needs.

The three brothers work hard to continue the ethos, traditions and high standards set on both retail and manufacturing fronts left behind by the two co-founders. These traditional values mixed with the natural youth of the new owners have allowed MacGregor and MacDuff to become one of Scotland’s most innovative Kiltmakers with many Tartan and Jacket designs being produced to marry the tradition of Tartan with modern day fashions. In 2009, to celebrate 30 years of traditional Kiltmaking, MacGregor and MacDuff launched its first registered Tartan called the Silver Mist, this tartan along with future productions puts the company at the forefront of the Kilt Industry.The Company has now expanded throughout Europe, the US and Asia with Kilts, Kilt Outfits and Kilt Accessories being sent to all ends of the earth through our Internet Orders.